Games that Changed the Game


A self-directed series of eight illustrated posters of some of the most influential interactive media since 3D computer graphics became a reality.

Dec 2018
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Released in 2007 by Valve, Portal became a cult classic thanks to its intriguing puzzles and compelling gameplay. Approved by Aperture Science.

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Released in 2007 by Irrational Games, Bioshock was revered for its art direction and impressive concept design.

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Released in 2012 by thatgamecompany, Journey became an award-winning game due to its incredible art, music, and minimalist approach to multiplayer.

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Shadow of the Colossus

Released in 2005 by Team Ico and SCE Japan, Shadow of the Colossus captivated many with its emotional journey and serene landscapes, while the rest of the industry reveled in fast-paced violence.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Released in 2007 by Nintendo, Super Mario Galaxy was celebrated for its innovative level design.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

Released in 2008 by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto IV was the series' first big move into multiplayer, unleashing players into a city-sized playground for the first time in games.

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Star Fox

Released in 1993 for the Super NES, Star Fox broke into the 3rd dimension and became the first 3D game on a home console.

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Resident Evil / Bio Hazard

Released in 1996 by Capcom Japan, Bio Hazard was a masterclass in using the limitations of the hardware to increase tension in the horror genre.


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