Motion Graphics

3D & Motion

Simple typography-based motion graphics aimed for video and bandwidth-friendly GIFs.

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You Deserve A Vacation

Typography pattern created with Adobe Illustrator, turned kinetic using Blender. And yes, you do deserve a vacation!

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Live Footage of My Brain

What happens when you combine some simple graphics and a cloth simulation... and then break it. Also, doesn't matter what time it is - this is my brain right now.


Daniel Castro Maia (he/him) is a Brazilian illustrator and designer based in Denver, CO. By day, Daniel is a graphic designer for Nectar Consulting. By night, he's a freelance illustrator. On weekends, he fights crime with the help of his cat sidekick. Here's proof. Daniel studied Illustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

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Selected Clients

The New York Times / POLITICO Europe / The Washington Post / Quanta Magazine / Fireside Fiction / Institutional Investor / The Real Deal Magazine / Hero Complex Gallery / The Fillmore / VinePair / + more.


- Society of Illustrators 63
- American Illustration 38, 39 Chosen
- 3X3 No. 16, No. 17, No. 18
- Creative Quarterly 55, 56, 57
- Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2019, Shortlist 2019-21
- Latin American Ilustración 7, 8 Selected
- Adobe Design Achievement Award 2019

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