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REP email subscribers are usually the first to know about product launches, thanks to highly designed launch emails that introduce each product's best features.

REP Fitness
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Animal Print Plates

Preview the email here. Our concept for REP's new bumper plates with animal prints was to make the announcement seem like an adventurous discovery. We achieved this thanks to great photography by Andrew Han, and some creative image editing to make each plate more like uncovered fossils.

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Safety Squat Bar

Preview the email here. For the launch of REP's Safety Squat Bar, the concept was to use the word 'Safety' as a theme for the design. The main reason for this was to highlight its features as a safer and more comfortable bar for certain exercises.

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Ares Cable Attachment

Preview the email here. Named after the greek god of war, REP's Ares Cable Attachment was a major product announcement. We wanted to stay away from imagery of war and violence, but keep the aggressive and bold tone that a name like Ares invokes.

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AB-4100 Adjustable Bench

Preview the email here. The AB-4100 announcement was made more colorful and fun, as it was REP's first bench to have limited edition colors. Since this is a more affordable product, a fun and approachable design allows us to save the "premium" feeling email designs for higher end products.

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Cambered Swiss Bar

Preview the email here. The Cambered Swiss Bar was REP's first product launch in 2022. As such, this email was designed to feel more special and unique than REP's usual email newsletters.


Daniel Castro Maia (he/him) is a Brazilian illustrator and designer based in Denver, CO. By day, Daniel is a graphic designer for Nectar Consulting. By night, he's a freelance illustrator. On weekends, he fights crime with the help of his cat sidekick. Here's proof. Daniel studied Illustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

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The New York Times / POLITICO Europe / The Washington Post / Quanta Magazine / Fireside Fiction / Institutional Investor / The Real Deal Magazine / Hero Complex Gallery / The Fillmore / VinePair / + more.


- Society of Illustrators 63
- American Illustration 38, 39 Chosen
- 3X3 No. 16, No. 17, No. 18
- Creative Quarterly 55, 56, 57
- Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2019, Shortlist 2019-21
- Latin American Ilustración 7, 8 Selected
- Adobe Design Achievement Award 2019

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